Welcome to WOOD 465 – Business Management in the Wood Industry

Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the course website. Make sure that you check in once in a while – important announcements and assigned readings for this course will be listed below.

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If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email Chris Gaston (chris.gaston@ubc.ca).


  • Welcome to the new term! Please note that there will be no lecture or tutorials on the week of January024.   Formal lectures will be on Mondays from 4 – 6:00, FSC 1221, beginning aith January 09.  Tutorials are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30 to 5:00, also in FSC 1221.  Tutorial time slots will be used for assignments (preparation and in-class presentations) and for guest lectures.
  • On the tutorial time slots of Tuesday, Jan 03 and Thursday, Jan 05, we will form research groups for assignment # 1.
  • Keep checking here for future announcements!



January 09 and 13: Chris Gaston lecture (Overview of Canadian wood products and building systems)

January 16:  Chris Boniface lecture (Timber supply and investments)

January 17:  Jennifer holding an assignment tutorial

January 19:  Felix Böck guest lecture (ChopValue)

January 23:  Chris Boniface lecture (Business plans and supply / demand analysis)

January 24: Lab Day (work with your Assignment 1 groups; Chris and Jen will be in their offices if you’d like to ask questions and/or check in)

January 26: Dr. Trevor Stuthridge (Executive VP, FPInnovations) lecture (Innovation in Canada’s bioeconomy)

January 30: Chris Gaston lecture (Global trade of forest products)

January 31:  Assignment 1 group presentations:  Illegal logging; Business ethics; Supply chain optimization

See Assignment Tab for individual group topic summaries (the two-pagers)

February 02:  Assignment 1 group presentations:  Research & development; Public relations; Ecosystem goods & services

February 06:  Dr. David Cohen lecture (Wood products and pulp & paper taxonomy).  CANCELLED

Replaced with Chris Gaston lecture (Approach to Value Propositions, and introduction to the Dragons Den)

February 07:  Assignment 1 group presentations:   Quality improvement; First Nations in Forestry; Globalization

February 09:  Assignment 1 group presentations:  Non-forest products; Product design; Transportation / logistics

February 14:  Chris Gaston lecture (Wood product examples of market research; “Opening Doors”)

February 16:  Assignment 1 group presentations:  Climate change; Product certification; Economic cycles in forestry

February 27:  MID-TERM EXAM

February 28:  Assignment 1 group presentations:  Value-added processing; Lumber tariffs and duties; Log exports

March 02:   Jennifer DeBoer lecture (The 4 P’s of marketing) and Assignment 2 logistics

March 06:  David Cohen lecture (The Winds of change)

March 07:  David Cohen lecture (Wood products / pulp & paper taxonomy)

March 09:  Assignment #2 tutorial

March 13:   Ian de la Roche lecture (Bioeconomy and Sustainability)

March 14:  Ian de la Roche lecture (Research and Innovation)

March 16:  Assignment #2 tutorial

March 20, 21 and 23:  No classes or tutorials (free time to work on Dragons’ Den)

March 27, 28 and 30:  Dragons’ Den presentations

April 03, 04 and 06:  Dragons’ Den presentations


April 12:  FINAL EXAM     8:30 – 11:30   CHBE 101